Managed Infrastructure

Our simple Managed Infrastructure Tool can provide you with a cost estimate with just a few clicks and questions to answer!

Your IT infrastructure should work for your company, on your terms. From switches and firewalls to wireless access points and phone systems, today’s enterprise-class technologies are available for small- and mid-sized businesses in any industry, for a fraction of the cost you might think. Gone are the days when your business can’t afford the hardware, networking solutions, or IT staff to monitor, maintain, manage, and repair the equipment you want to help your business.

Semaphore brings more than two decades of experience assisting organizations of all shapes and sizes with implementation of complex digital infrastructure solutions. Today, we’ve developed a streamlined program that enables us to deliver optimal solutions for your business, whether you have 5 employees or 500. Our Managed Infrastructure plans offer significant flexibility, with contracts starting as short as one year, and offerings including management of basic solutions such as firewalls and access points to complex needs for servicing hundreds of clients, phones, and other devices.

Why choose Semaphore’s Managed Infrastructure?
  • Increased access to IT staffing and support
  • Commitments as short as one year
  • Access to industry leading technologies from Cisco and Meraki
  • All-in hardware, service, and support for one low monthly cost
  • Management tools work with your existing internet connectivity

Choose Plan Type


Basic Plan

Designed for networks where there are less than 50 network devices/clients in a single office/location/facility.

Standard Plan

Designed for networks where there are 50-200 devices/clients in a single office/location/facility.

Enhanced Plan

Designed for networks where there are 200-500 devices/clients in a single office/location/facility.