When it comes to access control, we use two systems in particular; ISONAS and Keyscan. We have used both on a wide scale of applications from the most simple to extremely complex. Having vast experience with both brands allows us to create the perfect access control solution for any customers need. 

We were an early adopter of Isonas and have been around to see the company grow since their introduction to the market in 1999. They offer an IP enabled reader that the database lives in which allows you to fire or unlock door access across the ethernet infrastructure. In short, it's the AP style access control solution. Their patented technology offers a cutting-edge, IP-to-the-door solution which eliminates the need for complex control panels, dedicated hard-wiring and separate power supply.

Keyscan has been in the access control market since the 1980's. They're unique in that they had access control products prior to IP existance. Once IP came about, it allowed them to integrate their products smoothly into the IP managed 'norm' that is access control today. Their access control solutions offer many options that other companies don't. 

Today's IP based access control systems are much easier to deploy, manage, and are far more cost effective than their traditional proprietary counterparts. 

Let us show you how you can leverage IP infrastructure to change your bottom line while making your access control systems more secure. 

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