The X-IO Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) is available in both all-HDD variants (the ISE 200 series) and hybrid variants (the ISE 700 series). For both virualization and RDBMS-based workloads, the all-HDD ISE 200 units routinely out-perform competitive hybrid storage arrays, and the ISE 700 hybrid storage arrays routinely out-perform competitive all-flash storage arrays.

ISEs scale linearly, in 3U increments, and can be mixed in any combination to tune the underlying storage infrastructure for particular workloads.  

ISE Station X pre-packaged large-scale data center configurations combine ISE 200 and ISE 700 series units into large-scale storage arrays for a wide variety of typical cloud service provider, telecommunications and media, and enterprise data center workloads.

  • Rated performance at rated capacity: X-IO ISE storage systems deliver their advertised, rated performance for their entire life cycle, whether 1% of their available capacity is consumed, 0r 99% of their available capacity is consumed. Every other enterprise-class storage array in the market requires that 25% to 40% of its capacity be free, and never used, in order to deliver the IOPS for which it's rated.
  • Two to four times more performance from every spindle: ISEs safely push hard disk drives to their theoretical maximum performance, producing all-HDD arrays that outperform other vendors' hybrid arrays, and producing hybrid arrays that match or exceed the performance of all-SSD arrays in real-world environments.
  • No penalty for in-situ remanufacturing: The ISE's self-healing drive repair and recovery features do not impair the ISE's performance or capacity in any way. An ISE under repair operates at rated performance, with rated capacity.

  • X-IO ISE storage systems repair, and restore, failed media, rather than requiring drive replacements and other service events: a unique capability of the ISE's design and implementation, made possible by a combination of hardware, firmware, and software featrures within the ISE.
  • The unique, patented mechanical packaging reduces drive vibration - a major cause of drive loss and failure - to nearly zero.
  • Each ISE reads complex telemetry from every drive - far beyond basic S.M.A.R.T. tokens - to determine drive health continually, and to identify drives that are exhibiting early signs of degradation.
  • Using their patented software technology, every drive in an ISE can be taken into repair mode, power-cycled, and remanufactured just as it would be if it were RMA'd to the drive supplier - all while the ISE continues to operate at full performance and full capacity.
  • When a drive cannot be recovered at full capacity and full performance, they recover and restore the drive at reduced capacity and performance by offlining heads or platters.
  • All remanufacturing operations are reported, via their Active Watch real-time telemetry system, to X-IO Global Support.

The all hard disk drive (HDD) ISE 200 series as as fast as, if not faster than, most commodity-based hybrid storage arrays, in real-world production environments.The hybrid 700 series is as fast as, if not faster than, most all-flash arrays, in those same real-world production environments. Why? Using their patented CADP real-time intelligent tiering engine, their hybrid storage arrays move the data that actual application workload demands, at the block level, from HDD to flash. They downtier those same data sets the instant they cease to be hot, while ensuring that monetary, transient block-level heat does not cause data that is fundamentally rarely accessed to be uptiered unnecessarily. Their hybrid competitors use flash as their mainline storage tier; X-IO uses flash for acceleration. That's why none of the hybrid competitors can run fast when they're full.

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