When it comes to network infrastructure we predominantly use Aruba, Cisco, or Juniper products due to being a well established partner amongst all three. We are extremely well versed in network infrastructure due to having a strong company background in network engineering.

We differentiate from the competition by being both a consumer of these products as well as an implementer. This allows us to leverage knowledge that many other companies simply just don't have. This also allows us to have a firm understanding of maintainability, scalability, and budget. 

We approach each project with the mindset of both an owner/operator as well as a consultant. We're more than happy to sell just the hardware to someone but we typically form relationships with our customers along the way. Cost, features, performance, and ability to operate are amongst the things we consider when formulating an infrastructure plan. Can  the customer support the gear? Do they need our support? We cover all bases and constantly think long term because we are used to doing it for ourselves. 

For many of our customers, we are the operator of their networks so it's not abnormal for us to spend a lot of time after the install making sure everything is as seamless as possible. Our expectation is to work with our customers for a long time and to make sure it's done right the first time around. 

We're extremely cost competitive if we're helping design and implement a solution for a customer in addition to consultation and management. We are NOT a transactually based business because and our customers aren't just a number to us. They're an important part of our business and success which is why we value them so deeply. We are a steady, dependable, trusted advisor and partner for many companies that have been with us for over a decade. 

How many integrators can say they've done refresh cycles on their infrastructure 5, 10, and 12 years later? How many have even been in business that long? Almost none.

We could go on and on, but the bottom line is that we've proven ourselves time and time again. If you want a team who really knows what they're doing and who has the tenure/track record to prove it, give us a call for a no-risk, no-cost evaluation.

Phone: 206-905-5000

Toll Free: 1-888-SEMAPHORE