Just as voice and video conferencing have converged to IP, so too has Video Surveillance.

With the ability to provide broadcast quality video with management and access well beyond anything imaginable in a close system, IP based Surveillance is both significantly more robust and significantly more cost effective.

When combined with other technologies, such as Wireless Mesh, IP DVR (Digital Video Recorders), and VPN (Virtual Private Networking), the possibilities are literally endless.

We represent a wide variety of IP Video Surveillance products and solutions, along with the network infrastructure and structured cabling resources you need to deploy a turnkey solution.

Most important, we're a company with years of mission critical networking experience. IP networking is the core of everything we do, which means we can build and maintain a network that is capable of transporting your video surveillance, along with your data, voice and other valuable content - all without performance or security problems.

An IP video surveillance network is of no benefit whatsoever if the quality is poor, performance is sporadic, the video traffic causes performance problems for other applications or is insecure.

Ensuring these kinds of inter-operations is why you need a company that has specialized in every new IP innovation since before most people even knew what IP was. You need the kind of company that banks, hospitals and big businesses turn to for their truly mission critical IP infrastructure.

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