We've been providing internet bandwidth services since before most internet companies even existed. Since 1993, to be exact. Our internet bandwidth options are both broad and and extremely competitive in cost to volume. We leverage a multitude of carriers to maintain a diversified network for many areas of the world. 

Semaphore has been an ongoing contributor to the Seattle Internet Exchange (SIX) from day one. We've provided professional cabling, ongoing operational support, and domain services to one of the largest private peering operations in the country. Our access to the SIX is part of what helps us maintain a multitude of network connectivity options. Having options means flexibilty to create the perfect solution, no matter the scale. 

Our very own President and CEO of Semaphore was both a technical advisor and a board observor for the Seattle Internet Exchange for six years. Semaphore as a company was responsible for SIX's operations for 5 years as well.

We have access to Meet-Me Rooms which are used to cross connect individual networks. POP's are situated within racks spread throughout the building which utilizes optical fiber cabling back to the Meet-Me room, thereby facilitating interconnection with other carriers' infrastructure within the building. 

These are just a few examples of why working with us is nothing but beneficial to you. We are diverse, involved, knowledgable, and experienced. 

Call or email us today to learn more about how we can change your bottom line and provide top tier service. It's not one or the other with us.

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