We were originally building a network management system (NMS) for our own use due to traditional options being too costly, complex and difficult to implement. Additionally, we felt we could build a NMS solution that could fill in the gaps where many other systems had fallen short. It was truly a ground up development of what our dream NMS would look like and in the process we developed one for our customers that's truly virtualizable. 

Our solution is based on a small hardware "sensor" device, so you have no expensive servers or complex software to purchase and maintain.

It's a 5-minute plug-and-play installation and leverages cloud technology to easily scale from a single managed device in one location to hundreds of managed devices across hundreds of locations. 

Whether you have data centers in one city or five, you can manage it from just one NMS. With NetResponse placed into your network, you can monitor or manage any and all of your network infrastructure. Below is a short list of just some of things NetResponse can do at ease.


  • Asset Management: Quick and easy tracking of systems and assets.
  • Traffic Monitoring and Reporting: Graphs, charts, and other views of your traffic.
  • Resource Utilization: Memory, disk, processor and other important metrics.
  • Centralized logging: Searchable, sortable & centralized - from servers and network devices alike. 
  • Configuration Management: Network device configurations and change management.
  • Netflow reporting: Netflow traffic analysis on critical devices.
  • Remote Access: Remote command execution.
  • Alerting: Know when events occur - wherever you are.
  • Performance: Latency, loss and other critical statistics.
  • Windows Server monitoring: Events, resource usage graphs, critical data.
  • Linux/BSD Server Monitoring: Logs, resource graphs, critical statistics.
  • Service Monitoring: HTTP/HTTPS, SMTP, SNMP, ICMP Ping, SSH, etc.
  • Network Path Monitoring: Fixed or loose fit traceroute monitoring.


NetResponse offers all of this and much much more - without dedicated servers, databases, and other expensive requirements.

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