Similarly to many of the services that we offer, structured cabling was something that spawned organically. Early on we developed a reputation for having top quality data center staff who were also taking care of all our structured cabling duties. As our peers and even competitors started to hire us for both them and their customers, it naturally grew into something much bigger than that. 

As we started to extend beyond our own data centers, we leveraged the experience we had with our own cabling and were able to become a reliable, professional source for businesses in need of cabling services all over the country. A normal cabling company will run wiring, test it, and leave. That's where Semaphore is very different. Due to the fact that we own and operate a network that's larger than majority of what our customers have, we truly understand how everything is supposed to work. Our engineers approach each project with the experience of an owner/operator as well as a consultant.

Who would you prefer to install your cabling?

A.) An electrician who knows nothing about networking and just wants to install your cabling and leave? 


B.) An engineer who designs and manages networks, uses the product everyday, and has a firm understanding of what the process is truly supposed to look like?

It may sound like a rhetorical question but it's a very real decision that could make a world of difference in how well your cabling is done. When you do something for over 20 years, you figure out what works and what doesn't.

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