Reliable Parts, Inc.


Underperforming network affects business goals

Reliable Parts, Inc. is a retail and wholesale distributor of appliance parts, with locations spanning 12 U.S. states. The company’s technology team assessed their corporate network as impacting the business negatively as it was on a strategic growth path. Semaphore was called in to troubleshoot and stabilize its Wide Area Network (WAN) and create a solution that incorporated the company’s goal of leveraging smart, scalable technologies to keep its competitive advantage.



A reliable national network for a reliable national company

Semaphore began its relationship with Reliable Parts by performing a complete network assessment, ultimately resulting in a set of recommendations that included a nationwide infrastructure upgrade. Our team implemented its engineering, solutions architecture, structured cabling, logistics, and overall support services, making it one of the most diverse solutions we have provided to a client at scale. Semaphore team members and equipment traveled to every Reliable Parts retail store location, where we removed legacy equipment, installed new cable infrastructure and equipment, and tested all devices within two days per location. As part of our solution, Cisco Meraki was integrated, providing consistent network visibility, ease of use, and the Tier One solution Reliable Parts required to maintain its competitive advantage.

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