Datacenter, Colocation & Bandwidth

Top-notch service and support set us apart.

As one of the first companies to provide datacenter and colocation services in Seattle’s Westin Building, Semaphore has made a name for itself in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. And as the telecommunication hub in downtown Seattle grows, so does our presence there.

Early on, we recognized that building a successful business in this area wasn’t simply about offering the latest shiny thing. It was, and still is, about service and support, which we combine with our expertise in selecting the right option for your needs, every time. On the colocation front, we’re able to offer highly customized, climate-controlled, secure facilities and are confident that not only is our pricing extremely competitive, but that the service and support we offer is unparalleled in the marketplace.

While many of our competitors may offer a one-size-fits-all solution to scale their business, we focus on delivering consistent quality for unique, complex, and mission-critical solutions built specifically for you. And when you have a simple request or need a fairly standard change, we’ll typically need hours, not days.

Our offerings include interconnections, internet bandwidth, and cloud connectivity, all a la carte. We’ve been providing bandwidth services since before it was cool – starting way back in 1993 – to our client partners via a diversified set of carriers, ensuring top-tier service to almost any point on the planet. Can your provider say they have the history Semaphore does and combine it with high-touch relationship management that many of our customers say they’ll never leave? Most can’t.