The Semaphore Business Platform, with Cloud Accelerator

The Cloud You, Your Business, and Your Data Deserves

Cloud computing has revolutionized so much of what companies can do, and yet many companies are unable to take advantage of those capabilities, either because they’re stuck with legacy systems that don’t transfer easily to the cloud, or because they have special security needs, or because of the costs or complexities that come from transmitting massive amounts of data to and from cloud servers securely are prohibitive.

Fortunately, there’s an easier, smarter, and less expensive way.

The Semaphore Business Platform, with Cloud Accelerator offers companies the flexibility they need to optimize their use of the cloud, without sacrificing security and without gutting legacy systems that are still essential to their business.

Here’s how it works.

Our network ties directly into hyperclouds like AWS and Azure through direct, ultra-high-speed, private connections, and we build a hardline that directly connects you and your users to those clouds. This means that your critical applications and data are still on a private network and subject to your own security policies. You have the control you want, with the cloud power that you need.

Doing so offers an array of benefits.

Security and Speed, Simplified

First and foremost, you get the cloud, accelerated. Data is more secure because it never transmits across the open Internet. It can’t be disrupted by denial of service attacks that might cause latency in mission-critical processes; even those directed at others. We can even federate your Internet connectivity, so that you get all the benefits of full Internet access with fewer security concerns.

Legacy Compatible, Future-Proofed

Another major benefit is that you no longer have to make a choice between maintaining a vital legacy system and embracing the future by leveraging cloud processing and storage. The Business Platform allows you to keep your legacy systems up and running and uses the direct connection to the cloud to accelerate processing without compromising the functionality or security of your systems.

Designed for Data, Optimized for Costs

Perhaps most important, the Business Platform can save many customers a significant amount of money. One of the biggest costs for data heavy companies is the cost of data transport – moving data in and out of the cloud. In times when data use is intensive, the cost of data transport is surprisingly high. The Business Platform reduces that cost and eliminates the sticker shock.

Semaphore built the Business Platform with Cloud Accelerator to provide the ultimate solution to companies that are data heavy, security conscious, and driven by a desire to accelerate their business while preserving their bottom line.

Don’t take our word for it. Our customers have been more than happy to sit down and explain how valuable the Semaphore Business Platform, with Cloud Accelerator, has been for them.

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