We aim to be your technology partner, not just a vendor.

For more than two decades, the team at Semaphore has developed custom technology and infrastructure solutions for a diverse group of client partners, including government, education, legal, construction, and technology organizations.

We’re a team of engineers focused on delivering smart, elegant solutions for a variety of business challenges.

Our philosophy is simple. Lead with genuine engineering expertise vs. simply selling hardware solutions. We believe that creating strong relationships with our customers doesn’t simply grow our bottom line, it actually delivers better business results for them.

Many integrators and infrastructure firms are salespeople first, engineers second. We’re the reverse. Our foundation was built by engineers who incorporated relationship managers that truly understand your business, enabling us to provide your organization with a solution that’s right for you, not one that comes from a script or set of standard issues.

We believe in our people, and our people believe in us. It’s the reason our network engineers, datacenter personnel, and relationship managers don’t just work at Semaphore, they build careers at Semaphore.