Additional Services

Our approach to your business challenge is different.

At Semaphore, we take a fresh approach to every business challenge we’re presented with, and it shows in our results. Each of the services and solutions we provide is custom developed and built out to the specifications that make sense for our client partners, not simply to sell a piece of hardware. In fact, we think you’ll find that Semaphore offers one of the widest arrays of services in the marketplace today. Whether you need an immediate problem solved or are looking to work together on a series of challenges, our relationship managers are available to make that happen.

  • Remote Hands Services – Do you have a few dozen sites across the USA and not enough personnel to do a network forklift yourself? Trying to complete a server upgrade in a remote data center that you can’t send staff to? Let our team act as extension of yours.
  • MDF / IDF Cleanup – That rat’s nest of a server room? Yeah, we know how to clean that up and ensure you’re able to keep it that way for years to come.
  • Fiber Upgrades – Looking to upgrade those copper connections to your server rooms but aren’t sure where to start? We can get you on your way.
  • Wireless Backhaul – Hearing that the ILEC or CLEC is going to be awhile, or maybe can’t even do what you require? There’s likely another way to solve your challenge, and we can help.
  • Demarc Extensions – Did a telco leave you a bit short and you still need to get connectivity to your premises? We’re on it.
  • Network Engineering – We’re able to review your existing network and infrastructure, perform validations, share best practices, and beyond. Need to document your network for future proofing? We’d love to make that happen.
Our team would be happy to create a custom solution for your needs.
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