Clipper Vacations


Renowned travel provider struggled with network outages

Seattle-based Clipper Vacations is a widely recognized provider of sea travel options, including regular ferries to and from Canada, along with tourist excursions for whale watching and other activities. It was struggling with daily network outages across its fleet, costing the business thousands of dollars at a time and causing grief for its staff and customers alike. Additionally, Clipper Vacations requires partner support in British Columbia, Canada, in order to properly manage its fleet and back office, and a solution would need to be accessible by multiple organizations.


Creative wireless solutions to the rescue

Recognizing that Clipper Vacations needed to arm an IT team that wasn’t present across the company’s fleet at all times, Semaphore investigated how a cloud-based management platform might solve a major challenge. The company reviewed Clipper Vacations’ infrastructure, and found that it needed a complete overhaul in order to be able to deliver what it was intended to do. Our team employed a Meraki-focused solution, ensuring that the company’s cameras, wifi, and other network requirements were all manageable through a virtual environment, resulting in an immediate decrease of the company’s prior financial costs due to these network issues.

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