Our team has a variety of expertise -- here are some of our specialties.

Consulting Services

Whether you need to modernize a corporate network or connect to a hard-to-reach satellite office, we understand those challenges and can create a custom solution to meet your needs.


Our Federated Cloud solution delivers infrastructure that enables secure, private connections to the dominant cloud providers, including Amazon and Microsoft.

Datacenter, Colocation & Bandwidth

Semaphore was one of the first companies to provide datacenter and colocation services the Pacific Northwest, and we’ve since grown to expand our offerings to anywhere you need to be.

Structured Cabling

While some other companies install your structured cabling solutions and move on, we're here to stay. Learn more about why we're different.

Wireless Surveys

Semaphore’s wireless survey team can help you keep up with the ever-growing demands of your network's users in today's wireless environment.

Additional Services

At Semaphore, we take a fresh approach to every business challenge we’re presented with, and it shows in our results.