University of Puget Sound


Meeting and exceeding students’ networking needs

The University of Puget Sound (UPS) is a Tacoma, Washington-based liberal arts college that features a number of class halls, offices, a student center, a library, and residential buildings. Due to ever-increasing needs to support the various technologies that students, administrators, and staff were using across the campus, UPS needed to update its switching equipment and wireless capabilities to meet and exceed current standards while future-proofing the organization for the coming years.


Future-proofing for a wireless world

Our team surveyed the current usage habits of the students, faculty, and staff of UPS, and developed a solution that incorporated that data along with industry trends and benchmarks inside the higher education sphere and beyond. We selected Aruba 300 Series access points specifically to ensure the solution would meet the constantly growing number of wireless devices on this type of network. Additionally, we installed Juniper switching and routing equipment for consistency purposes. This integration should serve the wireless networking needs for the diverse use cases found at the University of Puget Sound for years to come.

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