Consulting Services

We’re the perfect blend of art and science.

Consulting with our client partners is the core of our business. In fact, most of our network engineering staff has been consulting with us for almost the entire life of the company, something that’s truly unique in the marketplace. That goes the same for our clients, a number of which have trusted us with their network and technology needs for more than a decade. You don’t build and maintain those types of relationships without trust and the expertise to back it up.

Being a great consultant means fostering great relationships. How do we do it?

  • We’re great network engineers that build solutions that work for you.
  • We are just as much about the art of network engineering and relationships as we are about the science of the technologies we deploy.
  • While we may lead with engineering, our relationship managers don’t just create solutions to sell hardware. They are laser-focused on solving your complex problems with the right balance of cost-effectiveness and elegance.
  • There’s no script to what we provide, and we’ve found that this simple approach differentiates us from our competitors.
  • The marketplace offers no shortage of information technology firms to choose from, but those that genuinely focus on network infrastructure and can make it sing, dance, and carry a tune are few and far between. That’s where Semaphore shines.

    While our ultimate recommendations will vary, our process stays the same. We sit down and discuss your business challenge, talk about where you’re going and how you foresee getting there – not just for this particular issue, but as an organization. We select the right engineers for your particular needs, and join your team as a fully invested partner in the design, build, and implementation of the solution.

    Whether you need a solution for an intense project that requires our full range of expertise or a team to perform validations, share best practices, or just document your network for future proofing, know that we’re able to take on a wide variety of short- and long-term business challenges.