Structured Cabling

We love your network like we love our own network.

No matter the scale, location, or challenges, our full-service team can provide the structured cabling build-out you require.

After recognizing that our datacenter teams were being noticed by our clients for their structured cabling abilities, we decided to grow our team organically and offer this service to any organization who needed our support. We’re different from the competition in that the network we own and operate ourselves is larger than that of many organizations that might hire us, meaning we have the skills and experience to work with your team with the same level of investment that we would with our own. Our structured cabling team regularly works hand-in-hand with our engineers, ensuring that our projects are seamlessly constructed from the start while being completed in an efficient and timely manner.

Semaphore has expertise with wired, wireless, data, telecomm, and audio / visual projects across a variety of project scales and sizes. We’re ready to meet and exceed your business goals and deliver top-quality work.