Federated Cloud

So you’re using the cloud. Now what?

More and more of the world’s data, software, and other services are migrating to the cloud every single day.

As this happens, IT managers at organizations of all shapes and sizes need to have the knowledge and confidence that the convenience of these services doesn’t negatively affect their teams’ privacy and security. This requires a fresh approach to how infrastructure and connectivity to these services should be implemented. That’s where Semaphore’s Federated Cloud comes in. By federating – or creating a centralized control – of these services, we’re able to streamline which, and how, organizations can use cloud platforms.

Federated Cloud is about adding security and reliability to today’s cloud-based platforms.

Federated Cloud enables you to have secure, private connections to dominant cloud providers, including Amazon and Microsoft. This means that your critical applications and data are still on your private network and are once again subject to your own security policies. It’s all the control you’re used to, with all the benefits of the cloud.

We evaluate your organizations’ needs, review what you’re currently doing, and develop a Federated Cloud solution that meets your needs, for one location or 100. We can even provide managed LAN and WAN / SDWAN services if you want scalable and easy solutions for your internal network.

Accessing Cloud Resources the Traditional Way

  • Higher Cost
  • Pay for Transit on both ends
  • Subject to Denial of Service on the Internet
  • Requires encryption overhead for sensitive data
  • Transits firewall(s) (slower and more costly)
  • Variable latency
  • Asymmetric pathways common
  • No Quality of Service possible

Accessing Cloud Resources the Easy and Reliable Way

  • Lower Cost
  • Pay for transit on cloud provider end only
  • Not susceptible to DOS attacks
  • Encryption not required
  • Doesn’t transit firewall(s)
  • Reliable Latency
  • Symmetric pathway
  • Supports Quality of Service
  • Private connection
  • Doesn’t transit Internet at any point

What if I use multiple clouds?

  • Connect seamlessly to multiple providers
  • All communication is private
  • Resources in one cloud communicate privately with other clouds
  • You can move services, data, and resources between clouds
  • Leverage lowest momentary cost
  • Maximize resiliency/redundancy
  • Leverage the best parts of multiple clouds

How does the connection to my office(s) work?

  • Connections are combined (“Federated”) in Semaphore’s Cloud
  • We hand you a single connection for all providers
  • All cloud infrastructure becomes a single network resource
  • Redundancy is available

Do I pay for this in addition to my office Internet Connection?

  • No! We can combine (“Federate”) your Internet connection too!
  • You can colocate a physical firewall with us, or we can provide a hosted virtual firewall

Other Concerns

  • A storage array for 2nd tier storage – S3 is expensive!
  • A hardware VPN concentrator for business partner connections – doing that in an instance is expensive!
  • Hard network connections to other business partners? Private WAN connectivity to other business locations? No problem!